Red-collared Lorikeet
Red-collared Lorikeets While camped at Katherine, I noticed this slowly dripping tap had attracted several species of bird. These two are the Red-collared form of the more numerous Rainbow Lorikeet © Graham Winterflood/Wiki Commons

Wildlife stories

Which amazing Australian bird are you?

Have you ever wondered which Australian bird suits your character? 

Whether you’re a social, Red-collared Lorikeet, a shy Plains-wanderer, or a feisty Australian Magpie - don’t worry there’s a bird for everyone! You’ll be surprised by how full of character our native birds are. 

And which one do you consider yourself? Well, read on and let us know!


The Social Butterfly

Red-collared Lorikeet 

Do you usually (minus lockdowns) have brunch plans every weekend? Can you be found at after work drinks every Friday? Do you always find yourself planning the next social event? Well, you just might be a Red-collared Lorikeet . 

Known for its colourful plumage, the social, Red-collared Lorikeet is often found in colonies. Their range is widespread across northern Australia from the Kimberley region in Western Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland. They’re a loud bunch and can be a little territorial at times. We love our colourful Red-collared Lorikeets, and if this sounds strangely familiar - cheers to you!


Red-collared Lorikeet
Red-collared Lorikeet Lyons, Northern Territory, Australia © JJ Harrison/Wiki Commons

The Shy One


Do you hate being the centre of attention? Do you blend in well at parties? Are you considered the chill one in your social circle? Well say hello to your spirit bird - the mysterious Plains-wanderer. 

The Plains-wanderer is a small, brown-coloured bird that blends in with the grasslands of arid Australia. They’re a sedentary bird that stand about 12-15cm tall. Tragically, they’re a critically endangered species with only about 250-1,000 left. The good news is they’ve been recently spotted at Gayini, a rare and exciting event for this elusive bird!


Your help is urgently needed

You can help protect the habitat of the Critically Endangered Plains-wanderer.

Plains-wanderer (male) is a rare quail-like bird found in Riverina region of NSW © Patrick Kavanagh, Wikimedia Commons

The Peacemaker

Rock Parrot

Are you considered the peacemaker in your group? Are you always on the lookout for the freshest fruit at your local farmers’ market? Can you see yourself retiring by the beach in an idyllic community? You just might be a Rock Parrot!

Dainty little Rock Parrots live along the beaches of our southern coastline. With a tame and quiet disposition, it favours small groups over large flocks. A quiet forager, the Rock Parrot likes to eat early in the morning and later on in the afternoon. It has a diet of fruit, foliage, and seeds. 

Rock Parrot
Rock Parrot is endemic to Australia © Ian Redmond

The Fighter

Australian Magpie

Are you one to send food back when it is not up to standard? Do you tend to get into fights over parking spots, but will also cry your eyes out over a puppy video? Are you a loyal friend and fiercely protective of your loved ones? Well you, my friend, are a magpie. 

Australian Magpie’s are widespread across Australia. The fierce magpie is known for its protective nature during the breeding season, but they are sweethearts at heart and generally quite tame. Recognised by their striking black-and-white feathers, they feed on insects and are known to take handouts from humans.

(Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca), male, Queen's Domain, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca), male, Queen's Domain, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia © JJ Harrison/Wiki Commons

So, are you a fun Red-collared Lorikeet? A shy Plains-wanderer or feisty Australian Magpie? Let us know! Don’t forget to share and find out what Aussie bird your friends and family are too.

Australia is a bird lovers’ paradise. There are around 800 species of birds in Australia – 45% of them found nowhere else. 

Sadly, habitat destruction, introduced species and urban expansion threaten the survival of our native species. With the decline of Australia’s native wildlife, our ecosystem hangs in the balance. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Will you help protect our native birds? Your gift could help protect the home of critically endangered birds like the Plains-wanderer. Make a donation today!