Australasian Nankeen Kestral
Australasian Nankeen Kestral Australasian Nankeen Kestral flying over water © Matthew Round


Why I Love Nature

The TNC Australia team share some of their love for nature

From breathtaking views to calming moments, from colourful flowers to squawking birds – there are so many great reasons to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Here, some of our team share why they love nature …

What is it about nature that you love?

  • Martin – I love its vast diversity in different climates, places and spaces. It can be spectacular and leave me lost for words.
  • Kim – Nature grounds me.  The fresh air and the calm vibes relax me as soon as I take a breath.  Just five minutes in nature and I’m happy as.
  • Ally – I’m fascinated by the inter-relatedness of everything. Every species exists for a reason (the big charismatic ones) and without them all, the ecosystem suffers.
  • Jodie – I love the incredible diversity, intricacy and interconnection we find in nature. It is endlessly fascinating and beautiful.
  • David – I like living in the Queensland rainforest – we can hear the creek, calling fruit doves, fighting quolls at night and the odd dingo howl. We even get the cassowaries and tree-kangaroos!
  • Natalie – I love the wildlife. I grew up on a ‘bush block’ with a wildlife carer neighbour.  I remember her wombats, kangaroos and kingfishers as well as the wild like monitors and possums.

What’s your favourite animal and why?

  • Chris – Leafy Seadragons because it’s a fish that looks like a horse camouflaged to look like a plant.
  • Simon O. – Echidnas, because whenever I see one it’s unexpected and it fully captivates me.
  • Rachel – Dugongs – gentle giants of the sea that are so unique and so awesome!
  • James – Australian Owlet-nightjars are really cute. I see them regularly using nest boxes on my bush block.
  • Ally – Red Pandas make me melt. Ridiculously cute, completely charismatic AND they have little false thumbs that I always imagine they use to open secret tinnies. What’s not to love?
  • Simon B. – Dolphins because they are graceful and cheeky at the same time, especially when taking me by surprise when diving or surfing.
  • David – Wombats, because they do square poos that stack up in the snow – a wonder of nature …
  • Luke – Wedge-tailed Eagles – I find them majestic and admire that they have the freedom of the skies over the vast distances of the outback.
  • Tony – Red-tailed Black Cockatoos because of the striking differences between males, females and juveniles and their loud calls making them easy to find even in inner Perth.
Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos
Cockatoos Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos are large black cockatoos native to Australia. © Charles Kottler

What is your favourite thing to do in nature and why?

  • Martin – On a warm day to sit with my back up against a mature River Red Gum and read a good book.
  • Kim – My absolute favourite is to sit on the beach and watch the waves come in while the sun warms me. I get lost in thoughts and detach from everyday business.
  • Anita – I’m happiest when I’m floating in the ocean.
  • Simon B. – Surfing, because being immersed in the ocean helps me to switch off from day to day pressures.
  • James – Observing, be it the way different animal species interact with each other or with their habitats, or the way vegetation communities are influenced by the geology or geomorphology of the landscape. It’s always fascinating.
  • Natalie – There are so many things I love to do in nature and they all tend to revolve around bushwalking and camping.

What benefits do you think people get out of interacting more with nature?

  • Chris – Being in nature helps to reset our life clock. Whether it’s going fishing, jogging in the park or gardening, nature can be the counter balance to our busy work and family lives.
  • Simon O. – They will be happier!
  • Jodie – It’s proven to improve your mood, focus, creativity and problem-solving. Interacting with nature rejuvenates the body and spirit.
  • David – All sorts – health and fitness, perspective, beauty and enjoyment.
  • Luke – What don’t they get out of it? Nature provides so many benefits that it’s hard to see what it doesn’t do. Spirituality, religion, health, happiness, excitement, education, money… nature provides it all.
  • Lina – The sense of belonging to the Earth; to the community of nature.  We are all one, that bird, that tree, that river, that other human, we are all one in nature.