within Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park at Port Phillip Bay, Victoria
Old Wives within Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park at Port Phillip Bay, Victoria © Julian Finn

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Reef Cam underwater live feed

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Above Water Reef Cam

See what the gannets and seals are up to today

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Reef Cam is Australia’s first ever rocky-reef, live-feed, combined under and above water webcams. Check out our own reality show below, staring some of Port Phillip Bay’s coolest residents – the local flora and fauna from deep under the sea!

Please note: The webcam is solar powered and therefore only operates during local daylight hours and when there is enough sun. A pre-recording will be shown when the live feed is offline.

From time to time the webcam will be temporarily turned off when scientists are engaged in webcam maintenance or research activities.


We would like to apologise to viewers for the interruptions in the quality of the live feed over the last six months, including when the webcams are on ‘highlights’. 

We are working to resolve these technical issues as soon as possible and appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, the self-cleaning arm on the underwater webcam has been damaged and is no-longer working, so the glass dome that houses the webcam needs to be manually cleaned by divers. We're working with local dive businesses and our own divers to clean the dome as regularly as possible. 

If you have any questions please contact australia@tnc.org. Thank you for your patience.

Fish of Reef Cam

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Get to know the fish of Reef Cam

Can you identify all the fish you’ve been seeing in Reef Cam? We’ve compiled a list of fish you can commonly spot. Get to know these locals then watch Reef Cam to test your knowledge.

Thanks to support from the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, Reef Cam is an important element of TNC’s Great Southern Reefs program.

All installation works were carried out in line with Parks Victoria’s issued Scientific and Works Permits, with every care taken to respect the natural values of this unique location.