Black Swans on the Murray River © Andrew Peacock/Tandem Stills and Motion

Creating a sustainable Murray-Darling

The Beautiful Murray-Darling Basin

The Murray-Darling is one of the world’s largest and most valuable river basins. It provides one third of Australia’s food supply, and is the home of countless wildlife, plants, and ecosystems.

With conservation efforts helping to drive water where it’s needed most and supporting Traditional Custodians to manage the land – we’re seeing the Murray-Darling come back to life!  As a result, endangered wildlife and plants across the area are thriving.

See how the Murray-Darling is coming back to life through these stunning photos. 

Success at Gayini

At the Gayini property within the Murray-Darling Basin, we helped to transfer the land to its Traditional Custodians – the Nari Nari Tribal Council. Recently, a major environmental watering event delivered over 190,000 megalitres of water by government.

This has helped to achieve:

  • Records of 58 species of waterbirds and over 18,300 individual waterbirds including the endangered, Blue-billed Duck and Freckled Duck.
  • The nationally endangered Southern Bell-frog has been recorded calling.
  • A nest of endangered Australasian Bitterns was recorded in the area.
  • The threatened Mossgiel Daisy was seen flowering in large numbers.
  • Recent sightings of the native Superb Parrot.

Help protect more beautiful places like Gayini

You could help conserve habitat for the Southern Bell-frog and other threatened species