Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. © Andrew Peacock/Tandem Stills + Motion

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You can help us restore our forgotten shellfish reefs, tackle climate change and protect threatened species. By supporting The Nature Conservancy's work, you're helping to make a difference to your future for communities around Australia.

Who is making a difference?

Marine Restoration Coordinator, Australia Program
Anita Nedosyko Marine Restoration Coordinator, Australia Program © Brett Sheridan

Anita Nedosyko

Marine Restoration Co-ordinator, The Nature Conservancy

99% of Australia’s shellfish reefs have been lost, and Anita is determined to bring them back! She’s growing native oysters in a hatchery near Adelaide and putting them into the ocean on restored reef base.

Together we can restore the largest shellfish reef in the southern hemisphere, which means more fish and cleaner water.

KJ Ranger and Martu Elder
Minyawu Miller KJ Ranger and Martu Elder © KJ

Minyawu Miller

KJ Ranger and Martu Elder

Minyawu walks his desert country in the Western Australian outback as his Martu ancestors did for 5,000 years before him. To keep the outback healthy, it needs people to manage wildfires, control feral animals and care for threatened wildlife.

Together we can reduce carbon emissions and protect threatened wildlife like the Greater Bilby.

Watch this spectacular short video to get a sense of our work with the Martu rangers like Minyawu.

Why Nature Needs People Learn how The Nature Conservancy Australia, Martu Rangers and partners are helping to conserve the Martu Country, Western Desert.
Eddie Game, Lead Scientist, Asia Pacific Region.
Eddie Game Eddie Game, Lead Scientist, Asia Pacific Region. © Justine E. Hausheer

Eddie Game

Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Eddie listens to the forest to measure the diversity of birds and other wildlife by recording and analysing their songs.

Together we can help scientists, farmers and communities agree on how best to manage crops while protecting nature such as the threatened Eastern Regent Parrot along the Murray River.

Together we can play our part…

Nature needs people. Nature needs you!