Our people

Richard Campbell

Oceans Project Coordinator, Peel Region, WA


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Richard Campbell Oceans Project Co-ordinator, Peel Region, WA © Jo Garvey

Areas of Expertise

Marine megafauna, management plans for Traditional Owner and Indigenous Ranger groups.

General Enquiries

ph. +61 3 8346 8600


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Richard is a marine scientist with particular expertise in marine megafauna including sea lions, dugongs and turtles. 

He's who has worked across the government, university and consulting sectors. And with many years of on-ground experience working with Traditional Owner and Indigenous Ranger groups in the Kimberley and Northern Territory. He's helped develop and manage sea country plans, carbon abatement fire management plans and economic development initiatives. 

Richard has also worked on a number of commercial fishery-related projects, including field stock assessment of abalone and scallops in WA.

He has completed a PhD in Population Genetics of the Australian Sea Lion at the Universty of Western Australia.

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