a man crouching in yellow grasses
Dr Luke Preece a man crouching in yellow grasses © TNC

Our people

Luke Preece

Outback Conservation Officer


  • Areas of Expertise

    botany, community development, conservation


Dr Luke Preece is dedicated to environmental issues and seeks to make a positive impact to northern Australia. He has always been inspired by beautiful landscapes, and has a keen interest in conserving and making the most out of healthy ecosystems and the services they provide. Luke came to TNC from Cape York Natural Resource Management Ltd.

As our Outback Conservation Officer, Luke is working with Indigenous groups to sustainably manage and protect their lands (country) in line with their aspirations.

Luke has a Bachelor of Science (Botany) and a PhD in forest conservation strategies from Charles Darwin University. He commenced working at TNC in 2016 and works from his Cairns office. 

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