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Don’t Feel Helpless, Feel HOPEFUL!

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Wallaby in grassland © David Clode, Unsplash

Together, we can create a positive future for people and nature.

Sixth mass extinction. Climate Refugees. Record-breaking drought. Mass fish deaths. Plastic-filled whales and seabirds. Headline-making environmental news is rarely uplifting, and often includes words like “worse than previously thought.” It’s no wonder some people come to feel hopeless, and helpless—like there’s nothing they can do to make a difference.

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You’re different.

You care for the environment, you have a positive outlook and believe in science-based solutions. And like us at The Nature Conservancy, you believe solutions are within our reach. In fact, you know this to be true, you've seen us make positive changes on the ground, thanks to the help of our supporters - here in your own backyard and around the world.

We've brought ocean wastelands back to life with the reefs our supporters have helped us build, we saved the Great Cumbung Swamp in the lower Murray-Darling Basin, and maybe you’ve even read our report on how saving and rehabilitating key lands and waters can reduce global carbon emissions to the tune of the whole world stopping burning oil.

We’re not naïve. But doing nothing is the one sure way to make sure nothing gets done—so with our supporters, we’re doing everything we can to turn things around and save the natural world that we all need and love. We need your optimism, your hopefulness and your trust.

Please, take a moment to tell us why you have hope for the future.


Thank You For Sharing Your Hopes

Because of you, we’re feeling more HOPEFUL for the future—you’re proving that the destruction of our natural world is NOT inevitable. We can achieve large-scale victories across Australia – victories rooted in solid science, collaboration and a strategic framework for change. Tax-time is approaching, please make the most generous gift you can today. Every gift over $2 is tax deductible.