Small tree in the middle of a body of water
Que nadie hable. Quiero estar solo Que nadie hable. Quiero estar solo // En esta foto aparece un mangle rojo. La foto fué tomada el 1 de agosto del 2023, en una reserva natural del pueblo de Patillas, Puerto Rico. © Axel Martinez/TNC Photo Contest 2023

About us

Earth Day 2024

At TNC, we are striving to devise nature-based solutions that are scalable and enduring aimed at conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.

But, EVERY action matters - we all can make positive change for this amazing planet. This Earth Day, April 22, find the inspiration that motivates you to act not only today, but everyday.

Together we find a way.

Meandering Creek River meandering through mangroves, Alligator Creek, Queensland. © Christopher Brunner

Learn about Nature

The fastest way to find a solution is to truly understand the problem, and, truthfully, the problem is complex. Rather than let it be daunting, just start by picking something that is of interest to you and dive in.

There are many different resources:

Plant a Billion Trees Project Technicians with the Conservador das Águas project planting a variety of native species in a reforestation area in Extrema, Minas Gerais, Brazil. August, 2018. Plant a Billion Trees Project. © Felipe Fittipaldi

Volunteer for Nature

Our environmental legacy will be a testament to the power of collective action, across all levels of the community, city, state and country. The steps of those made at local levels become a ground swell of action.

What’s happening in your local community that you could be a part of that contributes bit by bit to making things better?

Check out:

  • Local and state council activities (see their websites)

Or sites like:

Hands holding flowers
Admiring Flowers Admiring flowers, Bridgeport, Connecticut. September 2019. Planting trees around the Hall Neighborhood House is part of TNC’s work to restore and strengthen nature in urban areas. In total, 150 trees will be planted in Bridgeport’s East Side neighborhood over the course of a one-year initiative. © Lucas Foglia

Connect with Nature

Celebrate nature as the eternal muse.

Take the time to sit, listen, walk, swim, run. Give yourself a moment to reflect, appreciate and wonder.

Then consider losing this chance.

Use this to energise you and the people around you to make choices that protect and preserve the remarkable planet we call home. Every little action counts.

It's never too late to start. 


Splashes of Color Splashes of Color // A monarch butterfly working through colorful flowers in Florida © Jordan McLeland

Give to Nature

The actions that we take this decade will define the planet's path over the next century.

With your support, we can put the best conservation science into action.  DONATE TODAY.

The science is clear. Nature needs to be respected and acknowledged for the benefits it provides people, for its inherent beauty and value, and vitally, as an asset that’s been missing on balance sheets the world over. 

For the last 70 years, and thanks to the amazing community of people like you, who care about Australian nature, so many game-changing conservation initiatives have been achieved.

You can help conserve Australia’s natural landscapes & crucial wildlife habitat.