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Scott Breschkin

Oceans Project Coordinator, VIC


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Scott Breschkin Oceans Project Coordinator, Gippsland Lakes © Mahala Ebery

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic ecology, project management, science communication, environmental monitoring and management

General Enquiries

ph. +61 8346 8600


Scott is a marine and freshwater scientist. He has had the privilege of working across Australia and in the tropical Pacific in Papua New Guinea. Scott has extensive experience in designing, managing and conducting field surveys as well as project management and stakeholder engagement. Scott is a true ocean lover (a thalassophile) and this passion has taken him surfing and diving all over the world. Therefore, he also loves working on, near and under the water.

Prior to joining The Nature Conservancy, Scott spent nearly a decade consulting as an aquatic scientist and an environmental impact assessment specialist, working on the permitting and approvals for a range of development projects. Highlights from this time include conducting marine ecology field surveys in the Solomon Islands, various field assignments in Papua New Guinea and conducting freshwater field surveys in remote parts of Northern Australia. Scott enjoys working with diverse stakeholders and communicating complex scientific concepts in a manner that can be easily understood by a broad audience.

Scott will be involved in shellfish reef restoration and ocean conservation projects at The Nature Conservancy, with a particular focus on the Gippsland Lakes, Reef Builder Project.

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