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Ines Pereda

Conservation Modeler


Ines Pereda

Ines Pereda Coastal and Wetland Modeler © Ines Pereda

Areas of Expertise

Spatial ecology, species distribution modelling, remote sensing

General Enquiries

ph. +61 3 8346 8600


Ines grew up in Argentina where she studied to become an Ecologist. There, she worked for 6 years in conservation projects where she advocated for the creation of national parks and worked on endangered and invasive species management.

She came to Australia in 2018 with a full scholarship to complete her master’s degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Western Australia. For her research Ines applied remote sensing and machine learning techniques to study how different production practices reduce the habitat of endangered grassland species in Argentina. She also worked in the environmental consultancy space helping in the spatial analysis of flora restoration projects and the modelling of endangered species of the Pilbara.

She has joined TNC’s ocean team as a Coastal and Wetland Modeler where she applies her expertise in spatial ecology to help develop mapping of Coastal and Blue Carbon ecosystems, apply the accounting systems to track carbon under national and international frameworks and help in the modelling of ecosystem functions and services under nature-based solutions and climate change scenarios.

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