Oceans Project Officer, QLD
Helen Bowyer Oceans Project Officer, QLD © Helen Bowyer / TNC

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Helen Bowyer

Oceans Project Officer, QLD



    Coastal, estuarine, and terrestrial restoration. Environmental management, agricultural systems


Helen is responsible for coordinating, delivering and supporting community outreach activities with stakeholders as part of the Noosa Oyster Ecosystem Restoration Project.

Growing up in the beautiful Bunurong country southern Victorian bushland, Helen was fascinated by terrestrial and estuarine ecology. Her passion for ecology and earth sciences began when studying Agricultural Science while managing a diverse broad-acre cropping and livestock farm. Later purchasing her own agricultural enterprise.

Here, Helen's ecological land restoration work began. She completed her Environmental Science degree broadening into earth sciences and hydrology. While studying, she was award a scholarship to work in Kruger National Park (South Africa) furthering her knowledge of anthropogenic interaction within ecosystems.

Helen's PHD focused on paleoclimatology of eastern Australia and coastal dune formation. Particularly, Quaternary coastal evolution, sea-level changes and the sedimentary systems that influenced plant ecosystem succession and retrogressive phases on dune systems. Coastal geomorphology and geochronological investigations of the timing of building and deflation of coastal dune placement using terrestrial and sedimentary records.

Presently, Helen lives at Maroochy River on 17 acres of remanent rainforest and Eucalypt woodland.

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