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Claire Fuller

Blue Carbon Coordinator


Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller Claire Fuller © TNC Australia

Areas of expertise

Community Engagement, Stakeholder Management, Leadership, Strategy

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Claire is the Blue Carbon Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy Australia, based in South Australia. She is leading a significant coastal wetland restoration and Blue Carbon pilot project in South Australia and is responsible for project management and planning, community engagement, project governance, reporting and support monitoring, evaluation and learning. Working as part of a national team, taking on other functions including supporting stakeholder engagement across other projects.

She has experience overseeing and managing complex projects, teams and community engagement initiatives, involving stakeholders and environmental dilemmas. She has designed and managed deliberative panels and more recently delivered a state-wide program to 1,700 landholders working with 5 ENGO organisations. She has also worked as a Community Engagement specialist with communities who live along the River Murray.

Claire has several years experience working in the environment sector, for NGOs and State Government - having worked in the Natural Resource Management sectore for two decades. She has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science.

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