Science is at the heart of everything we do.

Science guides our decision making and directs our efforts in the field so that we can make the biggest positive difference for conservation. That’s why we are the world’s leading conservation science organisation.

Our scientific work goes beyond the traditional scope of conservation to tackle Australia’s toughest environmental challenges. From pioneering techniques restoring shellfish reefs in the south, to innovative fire programs at a vast scale in the north, our science work constantly pushes the practice of conservation forwards. We have more than 600 scientists spread across the world working hands-on with nature, discovering smarter ways of protecting endangered species and their fragile environments.

Here in Australia, our team includes highly qualified, experienced and published experts in their fields, so we’re in good hands to achieve our conservation goals.

Find out more about our scientists like Chief Scientist, Dr Hugh Possingham, Director of Conservation, Dr James Fitzsimons and Lead Scientist for Asia Pacific, Dr Eddie Game.

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Nature needs people like you

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