We’re conserving habitat for iconic Australian animals.

Once part of the supercontinent Gondwana, Australia has been physically separated from the rest of the world for a very, very long time. As a result, our wildlife has evolved separately to much of the rest of the living world meaning many of our species are found nowhere else on Earth.

The variety, or biodiversity, of our animals and plants is also extreme. For example, we have around 800 species of birds and even more species of reptiles including 700 species of lizards alone. There are more species of lizard in the average Australian suburban backyard than there are in all of Great Britain!

Plants take this high biodiversity to a whole new level. Australia enjoys more than an astonishing 700 species of eucalypts alone!

Through our work, The Nature Conservancy Australia is dedicated to conserving healthy habitats for people and wildlife to enjoy. We’ve highlighted some of Australia’s spectacular wildlife below.

With your help, we can look after our unique Australian wildlife and their habitats

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Number 1

Australia has more endemic mammals than any other country on Earth

Almost 1 in 3

of our unique mammals are at risk of extinction

Nature needs people like you

Nature needs people like you

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