We’re turning habitats into havens.

At The Nature Conservancy we do things a little differently. When the Martu people of the Western Desert needed support to manage their country, we stepped in to help them develop a healthy country plan and provide the means to implement it. This supported them in continuing their traditional land management practices over an area twice the size of Tasmania in the East Pilbara of Western Australia, at the same time employing hundreds of Martu rangers. The result: healthy country, people and culture.

When help was needed to learn more about the biodiversity of the world’s largest intact temperate woodland – covering an area the size of England – we pitched in. Extending our knowledge of critical areas like Western Australia’s Great Western Woodlands, builds a strong case for their lasting protection. The result: the Birds of the Great Western Woodlands report describing 182 bird species surveyed over three years in this magical place.

That’s working together for better, long-term conservation.


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The number of bird species found in the Great Western Woodlands


The percentage of the Australian mainland formerly home to the Greater Bilby - now confined to remote isolated pockets

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Nature needs people like you

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