We’re turning wealth into water.

At The Nature Conservancy we do things a little differently. When Australia’s food bowl was suffering, we found a unique way to help save it. The Murray-Darling Basin is the lifeblood of many Australian farmers, but its wetlands are also home to endangered wildlife. The problem: there’s not always enough water for both. When it’s people versus nature, who’s more deserving? With support from the National Australia Bank, we came up with a way for everyone to get what they need.

We asked investors to put their money into an investment fund that allowed us to buy rights to the water and distribute it as needed. Now, when water is scarce and agricultural demand is high, we make sure enough goes to the farmers. When water is plentiful and demand is lower, we distribute more to the wetlands.

The result: healthy agriculture, healthy investments and healthy wetlands.

That’s money well spent.


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950 mega litres

The amount of water we helped release into parched creeks near Wentworth, NSW


The percentage of global fresh water consumption used to grow food

Nature needs people like you

Nature needs people like you

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