We’re turning tarmac into trees.

At The Nature Conservancy we do things a little differently. When people think of cities they often think of just the built environment. But cities can and should be places for nature to thrive as well – not just for wildlife but for the benefit of people too.

Across the world, people are moving into cities at a faster rate than ever before. For the first time in human history, more than half of the world’s people now live in cities. This ongoing mass urban migration places cities under tremendous pressure.

Australian cities are consistently regarded among the world’s most liveable with access to transport, housing, health, education, the arts and the natural amenity of beaches, parks and rivers. However, as Australian cities grow larger, they face new challenges including excessive heat, water scarcity, congestion and the loss of biodiversity.

Nature can help meet these challenges.

We’re excited about our partnership with Resilient Melbourne – part of the global challenge ‘100 Resilient Cities’ pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.  As part of this project, we’re developing the Melbourne Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy.

That’s bringing nature’s power to the city.

With your support, we can bring nature’s power into our cities

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2° cooler

Trees can cool their surroundings by 2° C

3 million

The number of people that die each year from exposure to airborne particulate matter - which trees can filter out

Nature needs people like you

Nature needs people like you

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