We tried #greendesking and loved it!

“I loved having the opportunity to work outside in the fresh air and the day was a great success.”  Jamie Williams, Nike Australia






“Being a sustainable organisation and providing for the wellbeing of our people are important to Maddocks. They were two big drivers for adding an outdoor deck in our new Melbourne office. It’s also why we decided to be involved this year.” David Newman, Partner, Maddocks


“I loved #greendesking because nature inspires me and makes me more creative than ever!” Helene Schwarz





“Our students loved being outside in nature, they saw animals and insects and enjoyed the sun. Plus, when the students were outside, they were really happy — and when they are happy, they learn well.”  – Andrea Eales, Sustainability co-ordinator, Albert Park Primary School 


“I loved working outdoors – nature grounds me.” Kim Matousek






Watch our Country Director, Rich Gilmore and others who joined our #greendesk movement on Channel 7’s Sunrise talking about the benefits of working outside.