Would you like to volunteer your time for nature?

In Australia, we are a small team that works to achieve landscape-scale outcomes for conservation often in very remote areas. Because of this, opportunities to volunteer are extremely limited but when they are available we list them here.

If you feel passionate about contributing to conservation in the field beyond the limited opportunities we have on offer, you might like to contact one of your local ’friends of’ groups who are often searching for people willing to help such as with revegetation projects. A good place to start might be your local council or a parks agency friends network, e.g. and

The volunteering opportunities we currently have on offer are outlined below. Further opportunities will be added as they become available.

  • Find out more about our current volunteering opportunities.
  • If you’d like to involve your workplace in corporate volunteering, please contact us.
  • All vacancies in paid positions at The Nature Conservancy can be found here.