Reef Cam Resident Naming Competition [Closed]

A Victorian Scalyfin fish regularly appears in our Reef Cam located at Pope’s Eye, within Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park at Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. It’s set up a home there and we asked Australia to give it a name!

We’re pleased to share with you the winner of the Reef Cam Resident Naming Competition. We were really impressed by the creativeness of the entries. Thank you to all who entered.

Watch this video to find out the winning name…

Reef Cam resident winner annoucement video

What is Reef Cam?

Reef Cam is Australia’s first ever rocky-reef, live-feed, combined under and above-water webcams. It’s our own reality show, staring some of Port Phillip Bay’s coolest residents – the local flora and fauna from deep under the sea! Read more about Reef Cam.


A little about Victorian Scalyfin fish

Scalyfins are a territorial damselfish only found in southern Australia. Adult male and female scalyfins look the same and both grow up to 25cm in length. They aggressively defend their well-maintained crop of algae from fellow grazers and have even be found to attack those that come too close, such as leatherjacket fish and even scuba divers. Read more about victorian scalyfins.