Our staff share the reasons why they love nature

Whether you support us by giving time, money or knowledge, chances are you share our passion for nature.

From breathtaking views to calming moments, there are so many great reasons to get outside and be active in nature. Rachel, Madi and Jon shared with us why they love nature…

Nature Australia: What is it about nature that you love?

Rachel: The amazing variation of landscapes, animals, trees and plant life, and the sense of calm and peace it inspires.

Madi: The little glimpses you get of it in an urban environment.

Jon: I think it’s that fact that nature can continually astonish you and there’s always something new to discover – it really can enhance people’s lives.  

Nature Australia: What is your favorite thing to do in nature and why?

Rachel: Nothing beats a hike up to a vantage point, as it’s tiring and hard work, but so worth it when you get to the top and see the view!

Madi: Going for walks and taking a book to read in the shade, particularly on a windy day!  

Nature Australia: What is your advice to someone who isn’t active enjoying the outdoors today? How can they easily get started?

Rachel: Just get on down to the beach! You can swim, surf, go for a paddle or have fun building sand castles… we have some of the most amazing coastline in the world in Australia, so get out there and enjoy it!

Madi: Small steps – change something small in your daily routine which brings you in touch with nature, walk through the park or take the neighbour’s dog out.  

Nature Australia: Do you think people should interact with nature more?

Jon: Absolutely! Living in cities as more people are doing and being swamped with technology means we need to interact even more with nature. – we need to be reminded that instead of just looking at nature on a screen we need to go out and experience it!  

Nature Australia: What’s your favourite animal?

Rachel: Dugong – the gentle giants of the sea, who are so unique and so awesome!

Jon: Penguins – I love them! Seeing the Little Penguins come ashore on Philip Island was an amazing experience.

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Nature needs people like you

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